15 Apr 2015


Voices Here they are… The Cream of

15 Apr 2015


Here they are…
The Cream of the Crop… Our pride and joy

Aussie Blokes – Elearning

Nathan – “Warm, Professional, Engaging”

Nick — “Friendly, Casual, Upbeat”

Ash — “Gravelly, Warm, Personable”

Jason — “Deep, Dynamic, Strong”

Andrew — “Deep, Blokey, Serious”

Glen — “Focussed, Clear, Serious”

Lawrence — serious, medium, nuanced

Aussie Sheilas – Elearning

Annabel — “Proper, Smooth, Engaging”

Joh — “Calm, Full, Smooth”

Dani — “Melodic, Direct, Versatile”

Jen — “Engaging, Light, Natural”

Nikki — “Young, cute, cheeky”

Mel — “Energetic, Engaging, Warm”

Jane — “Mature, Smooth, Classy”

Georgia — “Young, Sharp, Focussed”

British Gents – Elearning

Graeme — “Mature, Warm, Engaging”

Neil — “Formal, Corporate, Serious”

British Ladies – Elearning

Meg — “Mature, professional, direct”

Emma — “Warm, Professional, Engaging”

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