14 Apr 2015
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20 May 2014
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20 May 2014
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Where does it come from?

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Here they are…
The Cream of the Crop… Our pride and joy

Aussie Blokes – Elearning

Nick — “Friendly, Casual, Upbeat”

Ash — “Gravelly, Warm, Personable”

Jason — “Deep, Dynamic, Strong”

Matt — “Warm, Professional, Engaging”

Grant — “Resonant, Sensitive, Connected”

Andrew — “Deep, Blokey, Natural”

Glen — “Focussed, Clear, Serious”

Lawrence — serious, medium, nuanced

Aussie Sheilas – Elearning

Annabel — “Proper, Smooth, Engaging”

Joh — “Calm, Full, Smooth”

Dani — “Melodic, Direct, Versatile”

Jen — “Engaging, Light, Natural”

Nikki — “Young, cute, cheeky”

Mel — “Energetic, Engaging, Warm”

Jane — “Mature, Smooth, Classy”

Georgia — “Young, Sharp, Focussed”

British Gents – Elearning

Graeme — “Mature, Warm, Engaging”

Neil — “Formal, Corporate, Serious”

British Ladies – Elearning

Meg — “Mature, professional, direct”

Emma — “Warm, Professional, Engaging”

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How does it work?

How does it work?

Like a well-oiled machine. Are you ready? Us too. That’s why our process is a simple as…


~ Choose a Voice ~


~ Tell us about your Project ~


~ Tell us your Deadline ~


gift-box Boom.  Delivered.

Why Us

Why Us?

You’ll love us. That’s why.

We have decades of experience, world-class talent,
and a friendly, energetic approach to delivering your project on time, on budget and above expectations

Quick turnarounds

24-48 hour turnarounds
of deliciously clean, minted audio
by the ounce or ton


Customer Service

We’re people people!
We value a personal touch
and good ol’ customer care


Great Pricing

Our pricing structure is simple,
transparent and very competitive.

Top Talent

Our elite talent roster are positive,
reliable, full-time, seasoned experts
who share our passion for quality.

Superior Quality

Our audio is always
quality-controlled and spot-on
in performance, engineering
and delivery.


We’ve been doing this a long time
and love what we do.
You’ll love it too, or your money back.


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To our passion.

We’ve been producing pristine eLearning voice overs & audio for our international clients for over 20 years.

We understand the importance of your message being heard in the right voice.
It’s the personality of your product or training content. It’s the spirit that connects with your audience.

It’s what holds the precious moments you have for your audience to really hear you.

And it is critical in creating action… quicker buying, faster learning or deeper understanding.

We are an extraordinary team who work daily to deliver exceptional, engaging, enticing voiceovers
to global brands and one man bands.

We build strong, lasting, abundant relationships with each of our clients.

You can depend on the same personalized service for each and every job, the same swift turnarounds, and the same pristine audio from our super star talents, exceptional editors and premier producers.

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Get in touch!
We’d love to meet and discuss how we can help you do what you do… better.


New York, NY

138 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
+1 917 727 3536

Sydney, Australia

115 Whale Beach Road, Whale Beach, NSW 2107
+61 2 8005 7373


Email: info@theaussievoice.com
Phone:  +1 917 727 3536